Training, coaching and mentoring

Learning and development are key to your success and an area of our business focus. We run training, coaching and mentoring programmes in English and Polish. Needless to say, our customers are fully involved in designing the programmes so that they fulfill your expectations. The programmes can be run in any place around the world.

If you want to upskill your personnel to be more effective in sales, to be better communicators and presenters, to be able to build long lasting relations with customers, go for our corporate programmes. These are catered for both individuals and groups.


The programmes offered include:

  • Presenter skills training
  • Design Thinking 
  • ABC of sales (B2B, retail, door2door, telephone)
  • Advanced sales techniques
  • Customer service
  • Customer types and how to address them
  • Negotiations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Team management
  • Dispersed / Remote team management
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Change management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building assertiveness
  • Coaching and feedback
  • English language submersion courses
  • English for business

Please have a look at the contents of some of our programmes here 


 Personal effectiveness programmes run by SELFCEO. This offer is for people whose work requires:

  • coordinating many threads (projects / functions / other people etc.)
  • managing conflicting priorities
  • processing large amounts of know-how and information
  • working under time pressure
  • independent thinking, proactivity and creativity
  • flexibility and reaction to quick changes in a competitive environment