We teach you how to improve your business processes and build sustainable development

At Butra Consulting we believe in development of people and organisations that includes various aspects, starting with building  professional competencies and reaching personal growth, covering a wide spectrum of soft skills exceeding the work sphere. We think it is necessary to move beyond current beliefs in order to develop oneself and explore the world. Furthermore, in our opinion, development depends purely on ourselves and that is why we want to support our customers in the process.

We are here to support you to grow by delivering consultancy, training and coaching/mentoring that meet your needs. If you want to upskill, we have a corporate offer, but also coach and mentor individuals persuing career professional development. In the process, we apply competency assessment tools to give you tangible results. 

 The Butra Consulting Team is at hand to advise, direct, train and help you progress and develop in the world's highly competive environment.

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